Our Ethos


We provide high quality Cleans and Repairs across all industries. Be assured you're in safe hands with us


As a Ventilation service provider we promote Eco-friendly cleaning. We dispose of any contaminants from the fans safely.


We operate 24/7 due to us operating through emergency call outs. We offer all of our clients on site support



TR19 Regulated






At I & A Ventilation Ltd our team has put in a lot of tireless work over the years to build up a reputation as a highly trusted Commercial Extraction System cleaning service provider. Some of our core beliefs include a high level of personalisation, a flexible approach and results you can depend on.

The key elements of the service we provide include:

  • Full extraction system cleaning service including canopy, fan and ducting clean

  • Fish and chip range cleans

  • Supply and fitting of all commercial Extraction systems including Canopy, Fan and duct work

  • Emergency Extractor Fan repair and replacement same day


How We Work

Our policy is to arrange each contract to suit the customer’s requirements, setting specific targets in advance with the client. The project will then be executed in a way that meets these objectives and meets a particular high standard consistently.

Implementation of this policy is the responsibility of each and every member of our staff, all of whom receive quality training to enable them to fulfil their quality assurance objectives.

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Health & Safety

We have policy in place to make sure healthy and safe working conditions are always maintained while our team are on your premises, which includes providing appropriate and well-maintained equipment as well as providing information and training beforehand as required.

We also take responsibility for the health and safety of others who may be affected by our activities, and consider this a top priority as part of what we do.

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Total Quality

I & A Ventilation Ltd has a commitment to ensuring top quality results in every respect. We highly value the concept of partnership and working together with our clients, which is reflected in the great relationships we have with our new and long-term customers.


It is our mission to work closely with customers in pursuit of a cost-effective, quality-based service.

For that reason, at I & A Ventilation Ltd we take a proactive approach to the ever-changing requirements of our clients, and we do everything we can to offer exactly what you need. Contact our team to discuss in detail how we can do this for you.