TR19 Certificate

What is a TR19 Certificate

A TR19 Certificate advises that your canopy is clean to tr19 standard meaning that it is safe to use and it reduces fire hazard in your restaurant, cafe or chip shop. 

It is good to have as the TR19 standard will reduce the loss of life and reduced the amount of damage to the property. At I&A Ventilation we have got high qualified TR19 certificate issuers. 

TR19 certificate or TR19 Standard is a document which shows the health inspector and insurers that you have done the best practises in order to keep your kitchen safe. The TR19 regulation is owned by B.E.S.A on the lines of high cleanliness within the workplace. 

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Looking for TR19 for your restaurant?

At I&A Ventilation we specialise in canopy cleaning and canopy installation in restaurants, cafe and many other food shops across the united kingdom. We are able to inspect your canopy and check if it meets to TR19 Standards. Majority of the case the canopies do not meet the standard and we will have to clean the canopy and worst-case scenario will be replacing the canopy. It all dependents on how bad the damage is.

Looking for TR19 for your Chip Shop?

At I&A Ventilation we provide TR19 Standard cleaning and TR19 Documentation for your chip shop. If you're in Birmingham, Worcester, Coventry, London or any part of the United Kingdom at I&A Ventilation we are able to send out our high qualified TR19 Certified team to inspect or clean your canopy which will be supplied with a TR19 Standard document.